Therapy in Austin, Texas

If you need help or are looking to make positive changes in your life or your relationship, you have come to the right place! I work with adults, teens, and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, life transitions, and with people who would just like to get along better with others and feel happier in their life. 

My Approach
Although I offer a variety of research-based therapy approaches, the foundation of my work with you is client centered and outcome informed. This means that our relationship and collaboration is central in our work together. I will check in with you every session on how we are progressing towards reaching your goals, and whether I am meeting your needs. I believe that you are the best judge of whether our sessions are helpful; therefore, your feedback is critical in determining the direction of therapy. Based on your feedback, I will make changes in my approach in order to provide the best fit for you in our sessions. Thus, therapy is not something that I "do to you," but is something we do together, as a team. I believe that you have all the resources you need to meet your goals, and my objective is to help you unlock your own strengths, and help you develop your own solutions. For more information about my approach to therapy, check these pages.

My Background
I am a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology at  Chupik Counseling. When you come to see me, it will be at the Chupik Counseling office in Austin. I earned my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and specialized in School Psychology. Through my doctoral program I have received extensive training and supervised experience in psychological assessment, individual and family therapy, and consultation. I completed my Pre-Doctoral Internship and Postdoctoral Residency at the Austin Psychology and Assessment Center. During my Postdoctoral Residency I trained in couples therapy via the Gottman Institute.

Before I became a psychologist I worked in special education. I earned a Master’s Degree in education from the University of Amsterdam, and I have worked as a special education teacher, behavior specialist, and parent consultant. I have also supervised special education teachers-in-training for five years at the University of Texas at Austin.

Overall, I have nearly two decades experience working with children, teens, and families. I have extensive training and experience in individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, parent consultation, and school consultation and advocacy. Currently my main focus is providing couples counseling and individual therapy to adults and teens. For more information, check out my my Psychology Today profile.

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