As a therapist my business is clearly all about relationships. For the success of therapy the relationship between the therapist and client is essential. But could it be that this is the case for other types of business as well? It appears that if you get too wrapped up in thinking about profit, maximizing profit, and cutting cost, relationships fall by the wayside. This may actually undermine the value and success of a business in the long term.

In thinking about creating enlightened society through business, it seems to me that we need to change our thinking about business all together. Instead of having profit as the central organizing principle, maybe relationship should be the central organizing principle instead.

Businesses have relationships on many different levels: with customers, employees, their community, and the general environment of Earth. What if business could be focused on maximizing benefit within these relationships instead of maximizing profit? Would that be feasible?

In this article I wrote for elephant journal I go deeper into this issue. I will show why this paradigm change in business makes sense, and how it is already happening "in the real world." I hope you will explore this issue with me!