Wow, it's been a while since I last blogged. In my last post I discussed the book The Shambhala Principle which talks about creating an enlightened society, based on the recognition of humanity's basic goodness. Since I read this book I have been thinking a lot about how we can create an enlightened society in practical terms. I have come to the conclusion that business is going to be an essential ingredient. 

Here is an article I wrote for elephant journal that goes deeper into this topic. In the article I write about why business is so essential: 

"Business influences the very fabric of our lives in every sphere. We are dependent on it for our livelihood. It determines where we live and how we live, what we eat and how our food is produced and distributed to us. It influences how we raise our children, and how they are educated. It profoundly influences how our political leaders govern our countries. Business can be a major catalyst for social transformation because of its pervasive role within our society."

Just as changing our assumptions about human nature has powerful ramifications, critically examining and changing our assumptions about business can have powerful implications for society as a whole. I will likely be posting a series of articles on this topic in elephant journal. I will keep you posted and I hope you will enjoy them!