At this time of year there are a lot of articles about new year's resolutions and why they are so difficult to keep and/or how to be successful in fulfilling them. With this article, I would like to take a slightly different approach: Why do we make new year's resolutions in the first place? It seems that we make new year's resolutions because beginning a new year gives a feeling of making a fresh start. At the heart of new year's resolutions are often the intention to make the best out of our lives (e.g. traveling, starting a new career, going back to school, finishing a project, etc.), to stop habits that harm ourselves and others (e.g. stop smoking, stop eating unhealthy foods, etc.), and to treat ourselves and others with kindness (e.g. exercising, getting good sleep, managing stress, putting away electronics, volunteering, etc.) In other words, new year's resolutions seem to come out of kindness and care for ourselves, other people, and the world around us. This intention of kindness and love is something we can always return to, because it is the our most natural, fundamental, and effortless state. It may not feel like that at times because our loving nature is often covered up with thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and habits, which give rise to all sorts of other emotions. It is easy to get stuck in unhelpful habits, which make life feel like a repetitive "grind." The good news, however, is that each moment is new, unique, and precious. It is always possible to wake up to the freshness of the present moment and reconnect with our loving nature. Whether or not you decided to keep new year's resolutions this year, when you notice yourself getting stuck in an unhelpful habit, it is always possible to make a fresh start. Happy new year!