Individual Therapy with Adults and Teens

Everybody experiences challenges in their life at some point, and when this happens, having someone by your side who can support you with kind, non-judgmental attention can be tremendously helpful. When you are facing obstacles, feel stuck in your life, or are experiencing suffering, therapy can provide an opportunity for growth and transformation. I believe you have everything you need to work with the challenges you are facing and successfully achieve your goals. As a therapist, I see my role as your partner, your ally, in identifying the obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals, and working together on removing these obstacles. 

I have had success working with clients using several research-informed approaches to therapy, including interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and strength-based, solution-oriented therapy. I also draw heavily on mindfulness-based approaches in dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and other emotional pain. In using all these therapeutic techniques, I take a collaborative, client-centered approach. We will work together to determine how to best meet your unique needs. 

I believe that you are the best judge of what is helpful; therefore, your feedback on our sessions and your progress towards your goals is critical in determining the direction of our work together. During every session I will check in with you to see how you are progressing towards your goals and how you feel about our work together. You don't ever have to worry about hurting my feelings, I greatly appreciate and welcome any feedback you have for me, especially when you feel we should do things differently. The best predictor of success in therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client, and their "goodness of fit." Therefore, I will work hard to provide the best fit for you. If you feel you are not getting out of therapy what you need, we will work together on tweaking our approach to provide a better fit for you. If we have worked together for a while but you feel that your needs still have not been met, we may talk about finding a therapist who can provide a better fit for you. My main goal is to help you succeed, and if referring you to someone else is the best way to achieve this, I will gladly do so. 

Ultimately it is the time you spend outside of our sessions (i.e. your real life) that counts most in increasing your wellbeing and reaching your goals. Therefore, we will often talk about things you can do outside of session that are helpful. I often consult with my clients about exercise, improving sleep, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and finding meaning. I frequently blog about things that may be helpful and of interest to you.


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